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How Do I Sell My House in Central Florida Fast?

It is simple as 1, 2, 3. Follow the Three Easy Steps:

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Instant Cash Offer

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Receive your Offer.

We will call to learn more about your situation and why you are selling. We will ask a few questions regarding the home to determine the cost of repairs. Since we research your home value before we call you, we can make an offer when we call you.

Accept your Offer

If you feel this is a fair price, you can accept the offer. We will schedule a time to come out with the contract to purchase your home.


Let’s take a recent example of one of our customers to walk you through the process.

Michelle had been taking care of her elderly mother full time until her death. Michelle got the house, so she called a few cash buyers to sell her house quickly, but found they couldn’t help her because the house was still in her mom’s name.  Michelle was stuck. The house was a mess due to her parent’s hoarding tendencies, she had no money and her mom’s estate had to be settled by a lawyer in order for her to sell it.  Luckily, Michelle found our website and filled out the instant cash offer form. Michele was really embarrassed of the condition of the house and the fact that she could not begin to tackle the mess. We assured her that this was normal and we deal with this all the time. 

Providing Solutions For Difficult Situations

In order to help Michelle, we paid for her lawyer to settle the estate as well as her living expenses as the estate went through the legal process.  This allowed Michelle to get on with her life and leave the messy situation behind.  

After we bought the house, we found her mom’s engagement ring buried in a kitchen cabinet.  We promptly notified Michelle to reunite her with the family heirloom.  

This is just one example of how we solve people’s house problems. It all started with Michelle filling out our instant cash offer form.  

If you want to see if we can solve your problem house, just fill out the form below.

Or give us a call at (407) 377-5515 to chat with us over the phone

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Determine the After Repair Value (ARV)

Continuing with our Case Study, Michelle’s house was listed on Trulia and Zillow for $248,000 and $242,000.  Based on this, I think I can sell it for $245,000 once it is fixed up. This is the After Repair Value.

Determine the Cost of Repairs

Next, I multiply the Zillow value by 0.78 to get $191,100.  This 22% factor includes all our costs plus a profit.   I offer more than most cash buyers which range from 30% to 35% discount.  This is what most gurus teach.

Then, I estimate the cost of the repairs to the house.  On Michelle’s house, I determined that the house was going to need $48,000 worth of repairs.    This is not easy to estimate as a seller, but we can walk you through how we determine this estimate during our phone call.

Do the Math

Next, we do some quick math to come up with the offer price.

After repair value $ 245,000

Less 22% margin $   53,900

Cost of Repairs $   48,000

Offer amount $ 143,100

With this information, you can estimate our offer price. If you are fine with this, fill out the Instant Cash Offer form above to receive our offer.

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