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We buy homes in Central Florida. Ledge Real Estate Solutions is a local real estate company focused on helping people with tough situations. We have been buying and fixing homes for the past 18 years and know how to construct a deal in which all parties win. We can provide you with a fair fast cash offer for your house.

Selling Your House Should Not Be This Easy

Normally, selling your home is a pain.

Over the years, we perfected and simplified our home buying process. After we receive your Instant Cash Offer request, we will do some quick research on your home. We will then call you to learn more about your house and situation. After this brief discussion, we will make a cash offer for your home.

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Before I met Jim at Ledge, I had all but given up hope to sell my house. I had tried four different businesses and all I got was jerked around and disappointed.

Then with dwindling hope, I called Jim. Boy did I get surprised, Jim came right over and from the beginning to the end (which was quick) things couldn’t have gone better.

Thank you Jim for your honesty and professionalism. You made a believer out of me that there are still good people out there. You deserve way more than five stars. Mark T

Cash Offer For Your Home in Any Situation

We buy houses in all types of difficult situations. Don’t worry. We have seen it all and are sensitive to your situation. We can generally create a solution in which everyone wins.

Are you behind in payments?

Relocation, Job Transfer

Facing foreclosure?

Vacant house?

Hoarding situations?


Need to settle an estate?

Facing tax liens?

Bad tenants?

Expired Listings

Why it is Important to Choose the Right Company?

Selling your home is a big deal. You need to work with someone you can trust, is licensed, and is bound by a code. We are passionate about helping people with difficult situations and can construct a deal to meet your needs. So please visit our About Us page to learn more about us and assure yourself you are working with the right company.

Working with Ledge Real Estate was the best decision I made. It was a great experience. The Ledge Real Estate team was very professional, friendly and attentive to my situation. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs to sell their house quickly!

Helping the Lady Down the Street

“Dear Jim, I am writing this note through tears of gratitude. I could never have made it through the trials of Joe’s house without you. I am firmly convinced that you were a gift from God, and I just marvel at how he weaves the threads of our lives to turn a beautiful pattern we could never conceive on our own.

Not only will five young people benefit from our efforts, but I too, have been incredibly blessed!

My prayer is that you continue in the path you have chosen as God’s man, and that all who come to know you will clearly see His light shining in and through you!

Know that every time I see Holy Family, I will smile and think of you. Do the same when you pass St. Luke’s.”

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Learn How to Sell Your Home Fast in Central Florida

Selling your house for cash is easy. No realtor fees. No costly repairs

No need to clean. We take care of everything FAST.

See How it Works

Learn how we helped a client through a difficult situation. This page will give you an idea of what to expect from us.

Learn About Us

Make sure to work with the right company. Visit our About Us page to learn how we will take care of you when you work with us.

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From the outset to the closing, Ledge surpassed every expectation I had or could even imagine. Competent, compassionate, and comprehensive, they walked me through the difficult process of rehabilitation of a deceased family member’s neglected property into a safe, show-worthy family home. The end result was incredible, a residence of which the neighborhood could be proud and in which a new family could thrive. I will be forever grateful to Ledge and recommend them highly!  Joline K.

Is your home a mess? Does it need to be updated?

I get it. Why would you spend money to update a home right before you sell it? I wouldn’t. Updating a home for someone else’s enjoyment sounds silly to me. Here is the problem. Most buyers in Orlando want a move-in ready home. They do not want to move into a house they can only half enjoy and live in as they make the necessary updates. If they buy your home, they will discount the price for the cost of the updates plus the rehab frustration. How do you get a move-in ready home? Hire a contractor to do the updates before you put it on the market. Like we did with this outdated kitchen.

How much will it cost? On average, a whole home renovation costs $59,500. I put together a list of the average renovation costs in Orlando below.

Home Improvement Costs Average Cost
Whole Home Renovation$59,500
Replace Roof$8,100
New Kitchen$20,474
New Master Bathroom$18,000
New Guest Bathroom$10,663
New whole house air conditioning System$4,925
New Flooring$16,300
Paint Exterior of the House$4,863
Paint Interior of the House$6,167
Remodeling a swimming pool$8,429

Yikes! Most homeowners do not have $59,500 sitting around to spend on a house they no longer want. So what do you do? You can try to sell it through a realtor. Just be prepared for a lot of showings, low ball offers and it to take a long time.

Or. You can sell it to us and get cash rather than give cash to your contractor. Just fill in the form below to receive your offer.

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Hopefully, you have learned enough about us and our company to know that you will be in good hands when you work with us. Not only will you have years of experience to assist you, but you will be working with a licensed company that has sworn to a code of ethics to treat you right. Our customer reviews tell the story of how we treat people. On our “How it Works” page, you should have gained insight into how we help people by learning how we helped Michelle with her situation. You should also be able to determine your cash offer price by visiting our “Afraid of Receiving a Low Ball Offer” section. If you are ready to take control of your situation and allow us to serve you, reach out to us today by filling out our form above.